Many Sherlock adventure stories are short. In the extreme case, it is literally a client’s narrative followed by Sherlock’s explanation, which reads more like notes than stories. But this one is a gem. Despite being short, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”is scary as hell. Doyle successfully constructed a sinister and bizarre crime scene almost parallel to the one in the “The Sign of The Four”.

The story falls short, however, on the technical details of the crime.  As Sherlock commented before, the more extraordinary the facts are, the easier it is to making the deduction. In this story, the room, the ventilation, and the rope were all designed specifically for the purpose of the murder. As a result, we don’t feel much about Sherlock’s brilliance of picking the needle out of a haystack.

What left, rather, was Sherlock’s bravado of beating a venomous snake and the horrible ending of the murderer deserved.