Well, I can see at least two modern pop gems here.

Runaway Bride.

This is probably one of the most cliched story theme in history. We have at least a movie, a TV, and countless folk tales and novels featuring a runaway bride, and it is certainly a world-wide phenomenon.

Supposedly, a wedding is one of the most important and happy moments in life, and a bride is right in the front and center. But suddenly, puff, she is gone and all hell breaks loose. OMG, this is her wedding! Why is she gone? Where is she going? Will she come back? There you go, the drama and suspense naturally follow. Later on we will find out, either abducted or voluntary,  either freedom cherished or scandal backfired.

But essentially a runaway bride is an individual (bride) defying a powerful institution (marriage). The keyword is “freedom”.

British Aristocracy Marrying American Money.

Two words – Downton Abbey. (Maybe there are actually more of this kind of stories, as it appears to be quite popular at that time when America was surpassing the Old Empire economically.)

There is a lot of thematic contrasts here at work. Old vs. New, Refined vs. Unpolished, Fame vs. Money, Pride vs. Prejudice, etc.  But essentially marriage between status and money is about trade. People seek what they don’t have, and conduct trade to achieve their goals. However, almost all the time, after the trade, they found something dear and valuable is lost.

Bottom line: A runaway American bride from her wedding with a British Noble Bachelor is a mystery awaiting for an answer, and naturally one belongs to Sherlock to solve for us. In this case though, it is quite NOT surprising, the bride is choosing her true love over social status and fame. It is indeed cliched, but still sweet.